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I have a 20SF Gen 3 and love it. I don't like gen 4 grips, too aggressive for me. I have been shooting Hornady 155 XTP on starline brass, CCI LPP and 12 grains of AA#7. I don't have a crono yet so I just load middle of the road and don't push things. At 7 yards, I get a nice 2 inch hole on the bull and at 15 yards all the rounds fall in the 6 ring or better. I have been away from shooting many years but this gun made it like riding a bike.

It serves for HD as well. There is a S&W 642 on my wife's nightstand and I have the G20. I seemed to have forgotten the Mossberg 500 next to the bed...

The bullet choice was based on the free 500 rounds I got from Hornady for buying a LnL press!
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