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I just bought another .38 Special, a Model 36 Chief!
After a lot of thoughtI realised that I can't find fault with this cartrige as a personal defense round! Ir recoils little, has adequate power for a stop of hostilities and is relativelly inexpensive for pratice.
This has been a fact since it's inception and held true thru the current rash of Wonder-9's and other semi-auto rounds. Seems that no matter what the .38 Special goes up against, it comes out as being a really good preformer!
I shoot it in my Vaquero (about 95% of the time) and in my Cobra .48 Special Derringer, and next in the Chief.
Next to the .22 lr I have found it the most usefull cartrige of my lifetime!
Yes there are more powerfull and accurate rounds (like the .41 Mag) but as a do it all caliber, make mine a .38 Special.
You aren't making a bad choice!
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