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Yeah, I fondly remember hunting with my dad and his single shot .44 magnum Thompson (Bearcat I think). An old girlfriend's dad had a long barreled .44 revolver that was a dream to shoot. I remember I couldn't believe how far away a can could be and I'd still nail it with that pistol. One of these days...

This was intended to be primarily for if I need a finishing shot on a hog, an alternative hunting gun for the right circumstances, and HD. I have two shotguns, one at each end of the house, that will be my primary HD weapons.

So that does make me think that maybe I should consider a revolver. Right now I can only afford one big bore pistol and I'm looking to stay close to $500, so anything will have some compromise to it. But would the Glock be that much less accurate at (let's say) less than 50 yards?

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