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As soon as my kids were able to chant the Eddie Eagle rules with me ("If you see a gun ... Stop! Don't touch! Leave the area! Tell an adult!"), I started asking them questions to help them better understand the rules.

"Who's an adult?" (Mommy, Daddy, babysitter, Uncle Scott -- the kids would gleefully list all the adults they knew. I always made sure that they knew our teenage babysitters were "adults" for this purpose.)

"Do you take the gun to the adult?" (NO! Don't touch it! -- the kids always thought that was a funny question, and would bellow out the answer like I was being a silly goose.)

"What if you're not SURE it's a gun? What if you think it MIGHT be a toy?" (This one always, always, always stumped them the first time. The answer is: TREAT it like a gun, even if you're not sure. If you THINK it might be a gun, TREAT it like a gun! I also made a point of showing them my smallest and cutest little polymer guns at this point -- the NAA Minis and the KelTec P32 & P3AT types -- to make the point that some guns look like toys.)

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