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Kudos to the kid and his parents. To the kid not just for defending his home and family but also for having the presence of mind to get everyone to a place of safety but for having the determination to actually pull the trigger. Nobody should ever be forced into a situation where they have to make that decision but he was and he handled it fine, I can only hope he doesn't have any remorse over it and he sleeps just fine.
Kudos to the parents for not only raising their oldest son to bravely defend his siblings but for raising the siblings to obey the oldest when he is left in charge.
All kids are different of course, I have three of my own and its safe to say that parents must make the time to have a relationship with their kids. Its hard with work and school and every other obligation we take upon ourselves but its absolutely essential for the child's emotional and spiritual development that parents (especially fathers) are more than just pay rents.
Engage with your kids, play with them and include them in the activities you enjoy. How will you keep.them off the streets and off drugs if you only speak to them to correct or discipline them? How do you impart moral and social values if you don't live the example for them? Its not going to happen iron fist or a "Don'" lecture if you follow that act with "now go play and leave me alone while I watch the game and drink my beer." I wouldn't know what to do without my kids. I live for them and I'd kill or die for them whatever the situation demanded without hesitation or remorse.
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