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Posted by rgrundy: The data doesn't take into consideration the fact that most people will hesitate to shoot another human being so if the BGs are sociopaths you are playing catch up already.
We are not discussing "data". John has presented some statistical calculations based on some assumptions

With a little training you can put hits on multiple assailants in seconds.
Good defensive pistol training does address the skills necessary to put multiple hits on multiple targets in seconds--very few seconds. Whether one can do that on a moving target in a stessful situation is another question.

A good rule of thumb is to shoot them all high or in the head once, then go back and finish whatever is still a threat.
I've never heard of any qualified instructor who recommends head shots.

If you start first there will be a 1.5 second lag before someone starts shooting back.
What? How does one "start first" and justify it?

A more realistic scenario is someone running at you, giving you perhaps 1.5 seconds to draw and shoot. And of course, it would be foolish to count on that first shot to keep you from getting cut.

If there is cover, run to it if it's close and you have a chance.

It takes a high skill level to hit a moving target, you will be able to move 10 to 15 feet before they shoot and most gunshot wounds are not fatal.
Let's turn that one around. Your target is moving, perhaps from 25 feet away. Can you run backward faster than he can run forward?

You have to draw, fire, hit several times, and get out of his way in maybe one or two seconds.
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