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[QUOTEDanez071: ]IMO... this is an area that I think you really miss the boat on.

In a self defense shooting, you have already admitted you shot and possibly killed someone.

Now, the burden is on you to convince/prove to a jury that your actions were reasonable and therefore you are protected under the castle doctrine laws as opposed to all of the murder laws applying to you.[/QUOTE]

I think it would be very interesting if anyone has any actual statistics on Castle Doctrine Home Defense Shootings if they have been published for States with the Castle Doctrine, as to how many of these homeowners were subesequently charged, or subsequently convicted of a crime after shooting
someone breaking their door down. I tried to do a bit of checking just for Texas but have not found any statistics on them. Perhaps one of the attorneys on the forum might have information on that.

If someone has a flimsy door that can be pushed open easily I would think that case would come under more scrutiny than someone who had a heavy security door deadbolt locked torn off and broken down to gain entry.
I don't think people should have doors that have glass panes that can be
broken easily by an intruder.
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