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You could say his breed is the parent breed to the German Wire haired pointer.

Actually, GWPs and Deutsch Drahthaars are the same exact dog. Deutsch is deutsch for German and Drahthaar is deutsch for Wirehair. I've had both over the years and believe me, the only difference is the name on the registry. Actually FDSB registers all Wirehairs as Drahthhaars. A GWP is a versatile gun dog no different than his German bred counterpart. Some hard core bird doggers claim that getting pure German stock means better lineage and traits. They also say that for Irish Setters and English Springers. As I said before, I have had a coupla GWPs that could not be registered AKC because at the time the rules said they had to be at least third generation in this country and they were only first. Those rules as you have found out have been changed. But again as you have found out, they will be registered as GWPs.......the reason, same breed.

That said, you have a fine lookin' pup there. If you are used to labs you will be surprised as to how much younger they mature mentally as opposed to Labs.( I have had Labs also). They are eager to learn and eager to please. The other thing that is different than most labs(other the the pointing thingy) is their desire to trail/chase deer. Again, this is a trait they have been bred for and in most cases have to be broke and be taught that deer are trash game.
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