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I own a G-20 as well as a 21, 19X2, 26, 17, and assorted 1911's, revolvers, a Kel-tec P3-AT and a Sig. The G-20 is one of the last I'd sell, but it is also the one used the least. I like the gun and caliber, but feel for personal protection from 2 legged predators it is just more than I need. I have several other options that I consider better for that use.

The G-20 is my dedicated hiking/woods/camping pistol. It offers more power than I could get in an equal size 357 revolver with less weight, more reliablity in outdoors conditions, and less expense for 4 legged threats. With 16 rounds available it is also capable of working for 2 legged threats. It does double duty better than any other option I have.

For large game hunting one of my 44 mag revolvers would be a better option. As far as using it for hunting larger game it is capable of doing anything a 357 revolver would do. But if hunting were my primary purpose I'd still buy a revolver. I find the Glock to be more accurate in rapid fire SD situations, but a long barreled revolver more accurate for long range precision work.

In my opinion this is the reason the 10mm will always be a niche gun and never be mainstream. But that is OK with me. It fills an important niche in my collection and there are enough who need that niche filled that I feel comfortable that the guns and ammo will always be around.
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