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I can see what you guys are saying, but for me, If I'm using a semi for SD or a serious situation, I want to be able to work the gun with one hand.

The only time I've used a semi in combat, was a 1911a1, crawling along or on my hands and knees. Carrying a flash light or dragging my ruck.

In LE I can't think or many times where I drew my service revolver or did building searches 'n such that I've been able to use my revolver with two hands.

Anyone who's read many of my post know that I stress that most SD pistol/revolver training and practice should be done with one hand, (strong and weak).

This is the reason I wouldn't use a pistol for self defense that I couldn't reach the slide release or safety catch with out disturbing my grip.

I realize that there are pistols that one allow that, I just don't have one.
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