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USMC-E5, the price that I quoted was from the Blue Book of Gun values. Some people don't believe that price and the prices are dealer wholesale but in buying guns on and off through the years I've found that u can generally pay whatever price u want for a gun. Rifles are more accurately priced IMO versus handguns.

For example, there is a pawn shop here in Atlanta that mainly sells handguns, I know they're ripping people off with their prices so I don't shop there. I go shopping at a place in the north Atlanta suburbs that's close to being a Sams Club in volume sales and I get a good deal there because the high volume store marks their handguns as new or used and that can make a price difference also.

I would recommend that u buy either a hard copy of the Blue Book to keep as a reference or subscribe to it electronically so that you'll have a base to start from when u go shopping.
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