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I think the math crystallizes something I have had notions about for a time.

When I carried a 1911, it was on the assumption that the most likely scenario for its use was against the lone mugger or other threat.

But as time progressed I began to see that the miscreants in my city not only travel together in bands of four or more in public, they often appear together in the crime section of the newspaper for committing robberies and assaults in such numbers too.

That, and a while back I started shooting my handgun at rolling clays and realized instant incapacitation through shot placement on a dynamic target was going to be difficult to rely upon achieving.

So, I "upgunned" to a Beretta PX4 constant that packs 18 147 grain 9mm JHPs. Individually, the rounds are less "potent" on paper by many measures. Collectively, they provide more margin for shooter error than the first 9 .45ACP rounds used to.
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