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llike mine

I've had an early G20 for several years now, and it has become my universal HD woods gun, retiring a 629 Mtn and a Ruger B-hawk .357. One of its big attributes is that it is flat and compact and totes easy. I do not worry about scratches, muck or dings. It ususally rides in a M84 flap holster, and I've fashioned a lanyard for it as well. I thas a 3.5 trigger and the stock fixed sights. Been super reliable to date.

For a stock, portable duty size auto pistol it is much gun, but not the equal of full house .41Mag as is sometimes touted. The 15+1 beans in the hand is a plus, but never been needed.

Loaded down, bamaboy shoots it in IDPA club matches. We are shopping for the Lone wolf .40 barrel. The .40 ammo and brass is more easily obtained. We hoard any 10mm brass at matches. Kinda neat though, nobody else shoots 10mm, so the 10 is ours. Guys always give us a few they've picked up. You can't say that about other cals. Another negative is that Glock rifling is not good with lead slugs. So if youi high volume shoot, the cost is up for jacketed slugs (loaded down, we've had good luck thus far with plated Raineers)

The advice on the grip is sound. They are big and some just can't manage or warm-up to them. But neither the boy or I have huge hands, and we manage the pistol fine.

I climb a few trees with it every season, but have not had a deer parade past that I could shoot.
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