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If you need a pragmatic reason to hunt Bambi, go price good steaks in your grocery store. Then think about that Deer meat is 10X better than chem-cow meat.

Then there is the hunt. I prolly hunted 10 years before I got a good shot, and yet...all of those hunts were successful. Just being in the outdoors and learning sign, and how to walk quietly, how to sit quietly. Being with friends and enjoying the experience camping. Listening to the wind blow through the pine trees. All of this makes the hunt successful because it is a very positive experience.

Then suddenly there it is before you. Just like taking a picture. Yeah, then the work starts but it's great! You don't know fun until you've been elbow deep in blood and guts. Skinning it, butchering it, wrapping it. Good skills to know, and a lot of pride upon accomplishment. Then you have a great hunt story too. I took my first two deer with homemade cast boolit handloads, that was super cool.

It's part of the circle of life. We are meat eaters, even the Bible says have dominion over the animals. You help the chain by hunting. The coyotes get to eat, the herd is managed, your family gets to eat, your price on Jerky goes down, the States conservation program gets helped and supported. It's really win-win-win when you hunt.
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