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I'll try to make this long story as short as possible but I can post some epic posts lol.

After purchasing my M930SPX in early early 2010, I fell in love with it but also wanted to add a pump shotgun for backup. (And I had plenty of money back then, man have times changed lol but not lol ) Looking around I decided I wanted to do the Benelli SNT in no small part because the people who had raved about the M930SPX [and I took their advice and bought one, turned out awesome so I now trusted them] also raved about the Supernova , a few had bought both and were loving their new Benelli so i wanted to also take their advice and emulate them and their purchases.

As it happens, on St Patrick's 2010 I was a few months into having stopped cold turkey drinking ( would up falling off the wagon but got back on summer 10 and just passed Two Years- frozen turkey not a drop of booze- two years!) and figured, normally on my favorite day of the year I would spend a ton of dough, since I wasnt going out I could save my money and spend it on guns!!!

At Dick's that day I found a Benelli Supernova "tactical turkey" gun.. they had a matching pair of 24" SteadyGrip Supernova in tactical black, all synthetic plastic shielded. it was a $603 LIST price, the awesome kid and I got to rappin and he bamboozled his bosses into giving it tome for $329, and I could not say no.

Now to try to fast forward.. It was NOT A TaC model but it was so awesome and such an incredible deal I just had to do it. I assumed I would just buy the tactical barrel, get the Ghost Ring sights, and be all good WITH an extra 24" fiber optic sighted barrel.

Well Benelli wanted almost $500 *** FOR THE 18" BARREL *** ... Just the barrel. I found it online at two sites, That was it, best price $449.

Plus I would need to have the receiver (Which I BELIEVE came drilled and tapped) have a gunsmith put a picatinny rail on their, then buy the ghost ring sight rear aperature device to put on the rail. We're talking double the cost of a new Benelli SNT, Just to make it a Tactical, WITHOUT Including the $329 i paid for the thing. Add a few hundred also extra, if I wanted to go to a ComfortTech stock rather than the "SteadyGrip" pistol-grip-stock it came with (Very very handy to be honest ,but not ComfortTech recoil-reducing).

so I sold it and I am sorry I did but i had to. It just Wasn't what I wanted. BUT- it was the sleekest, sexiest, softest feeling to the touch, silkysmoothest shotgun you could hope to handle.

Just so Italian sexy, yet super tough because that Plastic coating just makes it feel impervious to mere environmental damage etc.

I will definitely be getting a Benelli Supernova Tactical with the ghost ring sights, as soon as I Can afford it. Number one on my shotgun list. 1A is a Mossberg 590A1, hopefully the M590A1SPX but several would do. And maybe I would do an 870 just simply for the Magpul. I HOPE Magpul will hurry up and announce Mossberg stock/foreend. Because an M590A1 wit hthe Magpul would be AMAZING.

Anyway- Benelli Supernova {Tactical or not] - AMAZING SHOTGUN.
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