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Is there any data available to compare recent hit percentages with those from when revolvers were the primary issue weapons?
The last year the USBP carried revolvers the hit ratio was 80% the first year we carried semi auto's it was 20%. I have no idea what the latest scores are.

If you want to know how YOU are going to do, try an IDPA match. At least you will be doing more than square range tactics and bragging about your group.

I was very comfortable with a revolver in law enforcement for many years, as long as it was a magnum. It used to be that 1 357 hit equaled 3 from a 9mm or a 38 for effectiveness on the target.

It is interesting in the academic, but that is as far as it goes. Basing this theory of effectiveness on a mathematical formula based on statistics and assumptions is all fantasy warrior-ship.
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