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Hunting: Urge came natural to me. Father, Brothers, Uncles, Friends and neighbors all hunted. Growing up on a farm you learn early how to hunt and shoot. To deer hunt with the rest of the family & neighbors. I considered it a privilege to hang with the "Old Guys" and accept some teasing and given the chance got my licks in too. For me it was a challenge at times having to keep up with those experienced older hunters sure-footedness back in the woods. Their all gone now.
Since those memorable times. I've only harvested for nourishment. Never for wanton waste. Enjoy the Great Outdoors with all it can provide SC4006. See why many of us hunters look forward to hunting seasons from one year to the next. That yearning you have to hunt. Take advantage of that Gift latter this Fall. You may be disappointed a little not getting a deer every now and then. But never Sorry for spending your time out in those beautiful NH woods of yours. Happy Hunting Partner.
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