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Many shotguns, especially those made before 1926, were "short chambered", i.e. made for the shorter 2-1/2" & 2-9/16" (fired length) shotshells of the day.

In 1926, the ammo companies "improved" ALL shotshell loads, and incidently made the shells longer (2-3/4" fired length) while upping the pressure, etc.

IF a qualified double gunsmith (NOT some AR parts-changer) checks the gun out as tight & OK to shoot, and it happens to be short-chambered (a double gunsmith has the proper measuring tool) - modern, low pressure 2-1/2" shells are available from companies like RST, PolyWad, Kent, GameBore & others.

If it's a short chamber, in no circumstances should ANY modern ammo be fired in it - even so-called "low brass" or "target loads".

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