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Posted by CDW4ME: So given "average" hit probability, a 10 shot subcompact (Glock) is a good starting point (capacity wise) for CC and surviving a two person attack?
Are the other assumptions valid? Do you really think that a 30% hit probability applies? I'm not trying to be difficult, but we cannot get too elegant or 'scentific' in solving a very subjective problem with a lot of unknown variables. What John's calculations do for us is provide some very illustrative, thought provoking, and perhaps surprising food for thought. And it should destroy some misconceptions. But it's not intended as an accurate prediction model.

I do not know why a ten shot pistol would not be a good idea.

How about if the defender is also carrying extra 9 - 10 shot magazine?
The police carry several magazines, but remember, they chase people; they press the attack; they do not try to retreat.

For the civilian, the extra magazine serves as much to solve a malfunction as anything else.
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