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Posted by dayman: seems possible that part of the reason percentages are so low is that police officers - who I assume are the source of most of the data - have access to so much ammunition.
Interesting question. Two things:
  • Police oficers and civilaians with training are trained to try to put sufficient rounds into a dangerous attacker as quickly as possible; this isn't because they carry so many rounds, but because handgun bullets are not all that effective.
  • We really shouldn't be making any assumtions from police stats (not very applicable) or from civilian stats (far too few data available); we need to assess likely hit percentages from realistic training with a lot of rounds fired.

It is not that police officers fire a lot of rounds because they carry the ammunition; they carry the ammunition because of their need. When some departments switched to .40 cal pistols from 9mm, which had higher capacity, they added magazines to their belts to make up for the difference.

I would assume that someone with a 5 shot revolver would be less likely to shoot at a rate that would lead to 30% accuracy.
I would assume that regardless of what one carries, one will fire whatever it takes as quickly as possible.
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