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Stinks that Bulgarian Makarovs need not apply as C&R amongst the East Germans and Russians. Seems like there is quite a large inventory of them, but since they weren't in production until the 1970's and Bulgaria has remained the same national entity, we have a while to wait there. It has been said, and I agree, that the CZ 82 is one of the best curio and relic handguns available. Even though the guns were manufactured though the 80's and 90's, they still qualify as C&R because of the revolution and historical significance concerning the change from Czechoslovakia to the Czech Republic. Common sense would dictate to me that a Makarov is a Makarov is a Makarov, but I suppose the BATFE has their reasons to not include them. Not sure what it may be though. I know, in terms of quality and collectability, some people will value one national origin over another. Yet, if it is the same overall design, then why not? I read how some people have asked or petitioned for the BATFE to include the Bulgarian in the list, but they didn't bite. MAYBE if it was tried again, there may be a different outcome, but I doubt it.
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