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I'm not sure what "running the slide" is.

I will say I don't touch my slide at all. It was designed to work on its own without assistance from another hand.

Sometimes, if screwy ammo, you may, as mentioned have to push the slide into battery. If I have to do this, yes I wack it.

But I then fix it, meaning I'll check and fit the ammo. Normally for me, its because I might have lube that hasn't been cleaned off the bullet before use, or not properly sized brass, bullet seated too far out.

This can be eliminated if, before you use your ammo, check it to see if it falls into the chamber under its own weight. I use a spare barrel for this, or take the barrel out of the gun.

But I don't want my paws interfering with the movement of the slide.

Besides how do you do this if you shoot with one hand, (which I do with most of my shooting).
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