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I have a question, and I apologize if it comes off as persnickety..

Is there any data available to compare recent hit percentages with those from when revolvers were the primary issue weapons?

The reason I ask is that it seems possible that part of the reason percentages are so low is that police officers - who I assume are the source of most of the data - have access to so much ammunition.
Every time the NYPD shoots 80+ rounds in a suspects general direction, or uses "covering fire" it's got to sway the data. I don't know how significantly it would alter it as I don't know how often that actually happens, but it seems like it could be a factor.

I would assume that someone with a 5 shot revolver would be less likely to shoot at a rate that would lead to 30% accuracy. But I could certainly be wrong.
That's not to say I would rather have 5 shots than 15, or that people necessarily shoot autos too fast, but it does seem like a statistically significant amount of the data used to get the 30% hit rate might not be aimed fire.
BUt maybe that doesn't really matter.
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