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Now I dont have to have a purchase permit to buy a firearm here but in OK your address has to be current with the DMV regardless of what your reason for moving is. With that being said, when I had made frequent moves in the past I had to go to the DMV each time and update my address but it is up to me whether I get a new license.

The only problem there is when I want to purchase a new firearm. Thats when your address on your license has to be updated in which case I have to shell out the cash to get a new license in order to buy a firearm.

As to your specific situation, it is just my opinion but I think you and your father may have things a little backwards. Your claiming the "Student" status absolves you of needing to update your address and your father is claiming that insurance coverages and loans absolve you of needing to update your address.
As far as any insurance company or loan officer I have ever worked with they would not have a problem with the address being changed BECAUSE of my student status.

Pretty much, keeping your address updated on your license is one of those added requirements we enjoy as gun owners wishing to continue purchases.

Of course that is just my opinion and my personal experience. By the way, I once missed out on buying a rifle I was wanting because I had to go get my license updated before I could purchase. Who knew that being away from the store for 30 minutes would allow someone else to grab it up. I actually walked back in the store while they were calling his purchase in.
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