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Google gunsmiths Inverness, Florida. There used to be a guy there that advertised as being a Colt gunsmith. I can't remember when I last saw his ad.

I don't think Colt will work on a 1930's police positive. I called Colt, say five years ago, to inquire about getting one of my Officers Model colt revolvers repaired. I was told they no longer worked on Officers Models. I could not find a gunsmith in Hillsboro county that was willing to work on the revolver.

It also depends on what you need to have repaired. The firing pin attached to the hammer on my PP broke off. I didn't like the pistol and gave it to a friend. He was able to get it fixed for a relatively modest charge, after he was able to obtain a replacement firing pin. All it needed was a new roll pin to attach the new firing pin to the hammer.

If you have a lockwork problem, you have a problem! My Officers Model needed a new hand. I ultimately sent the pistol to Cylider & Slide in Nebraska for repair. I think the cost was $400 - $500 including the shipping.

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