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Ah, Yeah.....yeah....39....That's right......Me to.

But back to Bigguy's question.

For ASM it is supposed to be Deer Creek of Waldron, Indiana. (765 area code)

For Euroarms ASP it is Winchester Sutler - in Winchester, VA (540 area code)

DGW (Union City, TN.) referes to such parts as "parts for italian revolvers" when you talk to them on the phone. That is a very general term but probably pretty accurate. These two manufacturers have been our the cap and ball business long enough that the bulk of original parts are out of the system. What are now sold as ASM or ASP parts are (I think) post OEM parts manufactured by who-knows-whom.

Prepare to do some filing and fitting on the parts you buy.

If you have not done this, don't shy away from it. It is a lot of fun.

If you describe the symptoms of the pistol that make you want to go to work on the innards, some of the smart guys here can steer you in the right direction. (On the other hand it looks like you already are pretty sharp on what you are doing.)


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