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I grew up shooting rifles, from around age seven. I just took it for granted that I was supposed to make one-shot kills. And, truth be told, I have a rather high "batting average" at it.

For me, one part of the joy of hunting is finding a good buck, outwitting him, maybe. Learn enough about deer so I can figure out where Ol' Bucky is most likely bedded down, or what trail he's likely to use in his wandering from here to there.

Or maybe kick him out of bed, mid-day, look him over, and kill him. The drawback, then, for a lazy fella is that the fun is over and the work begins. However, that work leads to some good-tasting meat.

So, all in all, I feel good when I shoot. I've done all the intellectual stuff about finding Bambi, and the physical stuff about proper sight picture and precise shot placement. Bang, whop, plop. What's not to like?
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