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At the risk of repeating the already mentioned AG Eric Holder, as I understand, has been cited for both civil and criminal contempt of congress. What happens now is, I suppose, anyone’s guess, however a press conference held by Holder sounded interesting as with the following.

He described the process, by which he was cited as a politically inspired witch hunt, and I believe went on to offer that the American people deserve better. I agree, the people of this country deserve better than they have had with respect to their constitutional rights from both the AG and The President. I suspect Mr. Holder would disagree, as did New York Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, in her remarks. People are entitled to their own opinions.

As to congressional investigations into Operation Fast & Furious being politically motivated, as Holder offered, possibly so, but he conveniently overlooks the following. How might the Democrats have reacted to the same sort of stupid stunt carried forth by a Republican AG and a Republican President? I suspect we would be seeing the same performance from the Democrats. As to the legitimate interests of the people of this country, they appear to come in dead last, if they even get out of the starting gate. In any case, Operation F & F violated the laws of the U.S. As well as the laws of Mexico, no mention of this from AG Holder, whose remaining days in office are few in number, it likely turning out to be “under the bus with him”.

As to the political aspects of the thing, something else unmentioned by Holder is the following. Undermining The Second Amendment, along with a restoration of the so-called Assault Weapons Ban constitutes the hearts desire of this administration, being a long sought political goal. Neither seems to have worked so far, I’m happy to note, but the aforementioned are plainly political goals of the AG and the Obama Administration. With this in mind, Holder’s complaint about a congressional citation of contempt against him being “political” rings kind of hollow to my perhaps jaundiced ear.

So as noted at the outset, I haven’t the proverbial clue as to how this business will turn out. As for criminal contempt, can you imagine the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Holder being his or her boss proceeding to arrest the AG, I cannot, but perhaps my imagination is overly limited. As to congress taking the AG to court, via the filing of a civil action against him, that too might be something of a hoot, though stranger things have happened, or could happen.

At the end of the thing, it all strikes me as rather sad, for with respect to the bone headed operation that Fast & Furious was, an remains, a lot of “stuff” could have been avoided if Holder, the DOJ and I will add The Whitehouse had played it straight, instead of doubling down on what was a very bad bet. It is a shame that they lied, double-talked and of course that they “doubled down” on what in retrospect was, a very bad bet.

In conclusion, while some of the foregoing might be “off topic”, the following question comes to mind. The president, at one point in his career, taught constitutional law. I wonder how well he taught something that he seemingly had/has so little respect for.
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