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Hey im obviously new to thefiringline, so as my first post I would like to ask a question that i've always wanted to ask more experienced hunters. I am currently 18, and someday i'd like to go deer hunting, when I get the proper rifle to do so. From what i've heard, it seems pretty fun... but at the same time I have a little too much sympathy for animals I guess. My grandfather always told me that its actually better for the deer to kill it, because otherwise it could likely starve to death during the NH winters. I am not sure how true this is, but could somebody give me some reasons why its good to hunt deer, so I can feel a little better if I ever went hunting maybe? Thanks
what your grandfather said is partly true. deer hunting is necessary to prevent overpopulation. when overpopulation occurs, resources become more scarce and then starvation sets in. hunting helps keep a healthy balance. I don't know if you've taken a firearms safety course through your local DNR but I would recommend it as you'll learn not only about firearm safety but about conservation which is what hunting is really about.

as for having sympathy for animals, it's understandable. My interest in guns and hunting started two years ago. I read up on it, bought a rifle, took my firearms safety course through the DNR and I still haven't gone hunting yet. I ask myself the same question - do I have it in me to kill a deer? the answer, yes. why? the first being that hunting does seem like fun. second, hunting is about being in the outdoors for me and not about whether or not you take a deer. with that said, I would only hunt for the meat and likely share it with friends and family, or donate it to a food shelf. I know i'll probably be a nervous wreck my first time out but don't let the killing part get to you. so long as you take the deer quickly and humanely then you're doing no wrong imo
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