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Even better, 'take what is useful, discard what is useless', Bruce Lee. While I am not a fan of his, or Chuck Norris, or Van Damme, or any movie star for that matter, I am very much a believer in that statement he made.

I only hope the origional poster decides to take more than one semester, be it Judo, TKD, JKD, TSD, Kempo, or even boxing (which isn't bad at all, as long as someone is not trying to break your legs).

I took TKD in collage as a lark, it just grew on me. It served as a good base of knowledge. Later, since I really hate fancy uniforms, belts, etc... and after I sold my school, I became a 'free spirit' and started going to other schools in the area. Not to earn belts, but to learn. If I see a technique I like, and think it fits my mental and physical style, I flat steal it! Muy Thi, Hap Ki Do, Hwa Rang Do, whatever, and where ever I encounter training. I keep an open mind.

And my favorite quote, 'The spirt is to win, what ever the method' by none other than Musashi. Go Rin No Sho is one of my favorite books.

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