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1971 man shooting to my right had his right elbow shattered with a 45 hardball when his buddy shooting to his right had a gun malfunction.

1973 newly refurbished range had rubber tires as a berm at 25 yards. We lined up as the first shooters since they had redone the range and our 22's came flying back at us causing a couple of minor rips in our clothing and bruises on our chest, belly and one shin. Match was held up till they got a crew with a truck to come in and remove the tires.

5 years ago I closed down the shooting at our club when I realized that a group of guys standing next to the clubhouse propane tank were getting sprayed with 22 fragments. Some bone head didn't like the 25 yard targets and stuck a t bar into the ground at 15 yards and hung a target on it. Then handed his grandson about 10 or 11 a rifle, handful of ammo and left the range.

Never saw grandpa again but I had a word with the boys mama and she was ****** at her father. Place wasn't a village park with a playground or a baby sitting facility and there was nobody there to watch the kid or to instruct him.

First incident was amateur gunsmithing, second was p-poor facility planning and the third was pure bad judgement by grandpa. Not an accident in the bunch from my point of view.
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