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Opinion on this Westinghouse Mosin?

I have a lead on a US made Westinghouse Mosin. All the numbers match and it has the original unmolested finish. The stock is marked with both the original Russian acceptance stamp and the US flaming bomb.

The bore is in good condition. It is dark with light pitting, but has strong lands and grooves. It comes with a non matching number bayonet.

It is at a gunshop on consignment where they had it listed for $450. The 5 on the tag was written over a 0.

I told them I would be interested if I could get it for $300 worth of trade guns (I bought a few upgrades recently and want to sell the extras). The owner said he'd take $300 cash OTD, and I'm leaning toward making the deal but hope one of the members can say something that will push me over the fence one way or another...

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