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What gets me is that Napolitano, Holder, Obama, and Hillary, have not even provided any "fake" outrage over a program which dumped firearms into a foreign nation without their knowledge or approval. Unless of course, they had knowledge and had at least given tacit approval or stayed out of it all together for specific reasons. Napolitano, when first called in to testify to congress, was asked if she had contacted BP Agent Terry's family, to which she had to sheepishly reply, "No." He worked in her organization. He was killed as a result of a program which she SHOULD have been notified about, as the head of Homeland Security. Yet, she takes no action to contact his family to offer any apologies or condolences. I suspect she knew exactly what was going on. Once it broke open, she hid in the shadows as much as she could. Hillary hasn't said BOO about it, though she was crowing about "illegal" weapons flowing into Mexico and how that must be stopped. Well, Hillary, what have you to say now? (Crickets chirping).
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