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[Heck, you can always hunt with a camera. It takes just as much skill--or maybe more--than heading out to shoot something.]

Excellent suggestion. It gives you the outdoor and hunting experience without shooting a deer.
And it can be done year-round!

Remember - there is a difference between "hunting" and "killing", just like there is a difference between "fishing" and "catching"

The "hunt" is the prelude to the killing part, one being successful at the first part does not guarantee or even mean you get to do the second part. There are many times I have passed on taking a shot because the situation wasn't right.

I also learned hunting out West, so to ME, "hunting" means actually going after the animal in their backyard, tracking them, spotting and stalking, and trying to get within range for a shot - not sitting in a tree waiting for them to come to some bait plot of food I planted - yes it's legal in a lot of states, and yes I'll catch flack for saying it, but to me - sitting in a tree is "deer waiting", there is no hunting as you are not involved in "fair chase" JMO,YMMV
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