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So, I went back to the store and after putting the Ruger and some Tauruses back in my hand, noticed that the action on the Taurus was considerably stiffer, and the parts slid around fairly roughly. I opened them up and put the Ruger LCR along side the Taurus 605 and I could visually see the difference in machining quality. In the Taurus, the ends of the cylinder and the face of the ejector were so rough I could see the tool marks and feel the ridges with my fingernail like I was scraping it on sandpaper. On the Ruger, everything was smooth and polished as it should be and the action was very smooth.

Between that and the ability to change the front sights, I bought the Ruger that day. I still might buy one of those Taurus Protectors some day when I have a little more expendable cash, though.
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