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The measure is not the kill.

You want us to tell you why you should shoot an animal and feel good about it. ....
No one but you can make that measure. I can't say that I ever feel good about any kill. Instead there is a feeling of satisfaction that I have done my best on a particular hunt. If I broke it down to the kill level and it's success, I would have hung it up a long time ago.

By my measure, hunting is not a "sport" instead, it's a way of life. It's a total picture of preperation, learning outdoor and shooting skills. Knowing abut the game you hunt, cleaning and cooking. It's also about demonstrating responsible and ethical hunting.

I teach Hunter Safety for the state, mostly at the M/L station. I also teach hunting ethics. I don't promote hunting nor glorify firearms. Some students are surprised when I tell them that they don't have to kill animals nor shoot any firearm. But if you do, then do it in a responsible manner. ...

It's private, personal and entirely your call ....

Be Safe !!!
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