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DoubleNaughtSpy: Shooting an intruder breaking in and the intruder survives to give a statement? No problem. My actions will be covered by a variety of laws.
If an intruder is breaking down my deadbolt door there is no doubt in my mind that I will shoot him. And likewise, if he survives the encounter he can give his statements. I trust the laws of the State of Texas and none of this conflicts with my morals, which is to obey the Commandment "Thou Shalt Do No Murder".

If one does break in I would not know how many were behind him, as I live in an apartment complex. More may be on the way. If I have the chance I may dial 911 but my primary attention will be to stop the intruder before he gets beyond the door, and hollering to him that the police are on the way, might only serve to give away my location so that he gets to shoot first.

If I thought I woild be safer where guns were against the law, or where a homeowner can't do that, I would move there but I don't believe that for a minute. I do think there are some who think they have a corner on ethics or morals, and I maintain that when it is my abode that a criminal is breaking the door down, their morals don't trump mine and if it is their abode, my morals don't trump theirs.

Before the castle doctrine was written there were lawyers making a considerable profit off taking cases against homeowners and victims of
criminals. So I strongly support the castle doctrine of Texas and I do not believe it will be changed in the near future. Nothing against attorneys however, as I used to work for a lawfirm although I am not an attorney. Some people don't like an attorney just like they don't like the police till they need one.

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