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An article appearing in today's edition of The Pittsb8urgh Post-Gazette, page A-10 thereof, makes interesting reading, said article headlined Agent who started "Fast and Furious" defends ATF gunrunning operation. The agent referenced turns out to be none other than William D. Newell, onetime head of the ATF office in Phoenix Az.
In a Washington Post article; BATFE SAC William D. Newell, the arch architect of Fast and Furious and the man who ran the operation, defended his decision to run guns into Mexico:

The Wash Post link went bad. Heres another link:

But in the eyes of the man who started and oversaw Fast and Furious, the operation remains an example of smart law enforcement β€” an approach that has simply been misunderstood.

β€œIt was the only way to dismantle an entire firearms-trafficking ring and stop the thousands of guns flowing to Mexico,” said William D. Newell, a veteran federal agent who spent five years as the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix.
Newell is a lonely man: No one defends him.

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