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In today's environment there are few places in the US where deer are so plentiful on public land that they need to be thinned by hunters.
I wish some of you hunters would visit my neck of the woods here in Oregon.. I can count (no exaggeration) at least 50-80 deer, solitary males or in pairs and herds of does 3-10 in each. And that's just on the two mile county road I drive to work on each morning!

If you need some reasons to shoot them.. Around here they cause (again on my two mile county road) at least an accident a week. Which has led my deer-loving neighbors petitioning the city to erect stop signs at every driveway.. And now they're trying to have speed-bumps added.. To save the deer

Of course these same neighbors feed them too.. Even though these deer will eat every green thing in your yard. They're horrible pests.
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