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Rodriguez didn't have two seconds to "make that call." He had twenty minutes ... the entire time he was standing in front of his neighbors' house, running his mouth and his video camera. The bottom line is that "stand your ground" laws are not a license to create a conflict and then shoot your way out of a situation of your own making. I just don't see that as being difficult to understand.
I see this differently and am of much more of the opinion that the problem was that he wasn't actually in fear for his life. You may be right, of course. It would be interesting to hear what the jurors felt about the case and find out the basis for their decision as there were multiple factors at work.

He didn't use SYG law to create a conflict, but instead created conflict and then chose to stand ground after brandishing and continuing to provoke the neighbor and guests.

SYG laws are not a license to create conflict, but at the same time do not create loss of any other rights either.

Yeah, he chanted that he was standing his ground. He chanted that he was in fear for his life. He could have chanted passages from the Bible or from Harry Potter. Invoking such words does not make them real.
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