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In lobbying jurors for a lenient sentence, defense attorney Bill Stradley blamed the tragedy on his client's misunderstanding of the state's "stand your ground" law. Something he predicts will happen with other Texas gun owners in the future.

"And they will find themselves, like Raul Rodriguez, charged with murder," said Stradley, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"Raul believed he had a right to be where he was. But he had two seconds to make that call, to pull that trigger."

Rodriguez didn't have two seconds to "make that call." He had twenty minutes ... the entire time he was standing in front of his neighbors' house, running his mouth and his video camera. The bottom line is that "stand your ground" laws are not a license to create a conflict and then shoot your way out of a situation of your own making. I just don't see that as being difficult to understand.
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