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Ditto all of the above. Rodriguez stood in front of his neighbor's house for something like 20 minutes, video taping the entire time, while flashing his sidearm to make certain the party animals knew he was armed. Then he recited all the magic words ("I'm in fear for my life here," and "I'm standing my ground") as if the words by themselves could create a free fire zone around the asshat.

The intent of a stand your ground law is to allow someone who is assaulted and who is genuinely in fear for his life to use deadly force in self defense without having to make an instantaneous decision as to whether or not he might possibly be able to escape ("in complete safety") rather than defend himself. I watched the Rodriguez video, and it was obvious that he was NOT in fear for his life. Further, he was not assaulted -- he initiated the confrontation.

I read in the newspaper today that his wife claims he regrets the incident and that he cries at night. I have no sympathy for him. I think his only regret is that he didn't get away with playing the magic "stand your ground" card the way he thought he was going to.
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