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Even if you don't shoot, it's fun to learn how to go out and play with Bambi. Remember, he practices being a deer for 365 days a year. He's pretty good at it. My favorite game was finding the biggest buck in the pasture. That means you have to find and look over a bunch of deer--who aren't interested at all in ensuring your success. So, then, having identified the biggest buck, if you want to go to eating him, ya gotta find him a second time.

Most really-shootable bucks figure that having been seen once is once too many times. Finding Ol' Bucky the second time is what proves out a hunter.

There are lots of little tricks to watching wildlife besides just sitting and imitating a stump--which for some folks isn't all that easy itself. Sneaky-snake walking hunting, still hunting as some call it, means learning how to walk silently. How to sorta flow, rather than march. You get to where you can ease up fairly close to any wild animal, humans don't stand a chance.

Heck, you can always hunt with a camera. It takes just as much skill--or maybe more--than heading out to shoot something.
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