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Like someone said earlier regarding the publication "Gun Tests," I too respect it and have read it now for almost thirty years (gosh I am getting older ). That being said, I do not agree with all of their findings (last month's shotgun review/rating, for example, I found flawed big-time). But the fact that they are not bought and paid for via advertisers and actually advise against purchasing products is simply unheard of in the publication industry and seemingly provides additional 'credibility' to their research (Big fan of Guns & Ammo but if I see them pander to Kimber or Ruger one more time I will . Both Kimber and Ruger make fabulous guns but they have obviously bought and paid for Guns&Ammo as there is a corrosponding endorsement every other page (print) or minute (TV).

Sorry for the rant/tangent but I have got to say I have had no problems with any of my Tauri (five total now). I will say, however, all of my guns are known for being among their more 'established' models like the 92, 24/7 G2 etc. and not the more 'cutting-edge' designs I have seen them market of late.

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