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I've owned several Taurus 1911's and they were good guns and very accurate. One came with a firing pin hole that was drilled too large and bulged primers into the hole a little. Taurus replaced the pistol free, but I admit it was slow ie 5-6 weeks I believe. All were reliable, AND VERY ACCURATE, out shot my Colt Gold Cup by quite a bit.

I've had several Taurus revolvers and Rossi revolvers by Taurus. All have been S&W copies from appearance. All functioned well, all were accurate. I shoot revolvers much less than pistols so can't speak to longevity. I have a Rossi now
I believe it's a Model 971 and looks similar to a Model 19 S&W. I really like the pistol in every respect, though I've shot it little. And then almost entirely with .38 Specials, not .357 Magnums. I keep it loaded with .357's in a pistol case just as a back up along side a FN Tactical .45 w/ Trijicon red dot.
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