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The information has been covered by a few of the media but not many. Those that DO 'report' on it usually make it worse than just ignoring it; they spin it the way BO/Holder want it spun. Meaning they take the WH line that it's just a Republican "political witch hunt" and assure us F&F was all just a continuation of the previous administration - which it clearly was not.

The fact that there was NO effort made to track some 2.000+ improperly bought guns by known straw buyers on the BATF's specific say-so, and who then denied their own field officers permission to even try to follow them. There was NO BATF/DoJ coordination with Mexican law as Bush had done, NO concern for the Mexican lives that would certainly be lost and NO effort to warn our own Border Patrol of a tidal wave of illegal weapons was heading their way. All that should have some effect on our "news media" but it doesn't, at least until now when there's a supposed 'political witch hunt' on for po' ol' Holder's head. (How do you think they would be reporting F&F if all those dead had occured on Bush's watch?)

Well, FOX News IS reporting it, and fairly regularly. But even they keep calling it a 'gun tracking program gone wrong." Fact is, it "went wrong" because it started wrong, it was designed only for political antigun purposes and it was never a gun "tracking program".

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