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Emcon, what do you like best of the 6.5-06 chambering? BTW, beautiful rifle man.

6.5-06 is essentially equal in performance to the 6.5-284, For LR shooting they are comparable ballisticly to the .300 magnums in all but the heaviest .308 bullet weights.

There is a wide variety of excellent .264 bullets available for just about any shooting you want to do.

It shoots the light (for caliber) bullets nearly as fast as the .25-06, but the "light" .264 bullets are better ballisticly than the "light" .257, so the difference downrange is minimal.

It shoots heavier bullets (140gr and above) as fast or faster than the .270, the only real advantage of the .270 is the choice in heaviest bullets (160gr) is better with the .270. 160gr 6.5 bullets are limited to round nose.

The down side is that as a wildcat, it is handload only, but as wildcats go though, it isn't all that "wild", simply neck-size 25.06 cases and you are ready to load. All the major loading manuals list data, and loading dies are off the shelf items.
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