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I think the article in Fortune magazine will encourage other news publications to start taking a serious look at F&F. When reporters from Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Businessweek start delving into the whole story more - it's just more of an opportunity for the truth to come out.

The appointees did not plan Fast and Furious: They approved a flawed plan concocted by career bureaucrats of the BATFE. F&F was planned in the Phoenix office of the BATFE by many of the same folks who ran Wider Receiver.
IMO Dennis Burke was part of the group that conceived F&F. He was an appointeee. There is even some rumors now that Andrew J. Shapiro / United States Assistant Secretary of State, was involved in the initial discussions - supposedly focusing on numbers and percentages of U.S. weapons found at crime scenes. And Lanny Breuer is an appointee right?
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