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Originally Posted by BillCA
[Second, Wide Receiver, though flawed, was more of a gun-tracing operation than a gun-walking program. Gun-tracing involves putting specific safeguards in place to track firearms, such as RFID chips perhaps with video or aerial surveillance. Gun-walking is what happened in Fast and Furious, where ATF agents sold thousands of guns without a reliable way to recover them, apparently just hoping for the best.
F&F had nothing in place to track the guns once they crossed the border. Perhaps I've missed some new information, but it is my understanding that not only weren't Mexican authorities informed, our own BATFE agents in Mexico weren't informed. The intent of F&F apparently didn't involve "tracking" the guns at all. The intent was specifically to allow them to enter Mexico and to be used in crimes and recovered at the crime scenes (or afterward), at which point they could be "traced" (not "tracked") back to the U.S. and to gun shops in Arizona.

Thereby "proving" the administration's (and the Mexican government's) dubious claim that the cartels were arming themselves through gun shops in the U.S.
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