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This is why I am puzzled when sympathizers of Fast & Furious keep bringing up Wide Receiver. Surely they have to realize that continually bringing up Wide Receiver is eventually going to lead to a comparison between the program and Fast and Furious is going to look even worse when that happens?
FWIW I think this position was intended as a carefully aimed tactic to defuse potential criticism of F&F by diehard left-wing supporters of the President. Spokespeople have defused controversies amongst this crowd by saying that other Obama policies this constituency dislikes (automaker bailouts, Gitmo staying open for business, etc.) are simply continuations of bad Bush policies. This is one of two themes the administration likes to use when it goes on the defensive; the other is "...the president's mean-spirited far-right-wing critics are blowing it all out of proportion", which has also been invoked here.
From a spin control standpoint it just seems like amateur hour at the White House.
+1; despite what I just wrote, I think the comparison is backfiring in the President's face with the decision to invoke executive privilege- a decision that can be seen as an implicit admission that Cabinet officials have actually done something so seriously wrong that the spin doctors won't be able to handle it.
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